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Cross-cultural Exchange Between GCU and NHL

In the two weeks of the Twelfth " Chinese Dragon vs Dutch Lion " cross-cultural exchange activities, GCU delegation conducted a business simulation in NHL , attended courses such as " creative thinking " and “X Honor”, and visited College of Friesland, the UNESCO steam pump station, and the neighbouring teaching and practice base of NHL. GCU students have achieved tremendously in the two-week cross-cultural exchange activities.
 Cross-cultural Exchange Between GCU and NHL
Guided by the NHL teacher of the related course, GCU students were grouped with the Dutch students and simulated the business situation. Before departure, the teacher-in-charge of the GCU delegation had carried out some relevant training among the students. This commercial simulation comprehensively tested out students’ abilities in understanding and application of business knowledge and operational knowledge, including the ability of communication and teamwork with Dutch students.
The business simulation team members had several roles to play, namely, CEO, purchasing supervisor, sales supervisor, and production supervisor. The typical business process roughly include planning decisions, capital budgeting, placing sales orders, material procurement, product sales, and analysis of business operations for the new quarter. The students were required to complete these tasks of two quarters in one single day. In the process of the entire business simulation, the simulation software analysed, summarized, and evaluated the operational data of the teams based on key performance indicators. Competition was rather fierce during the eight-day business simulation, and each team strived to give a good account of themselves in the final presentation.
At the presentation, each team displayed their simulation outcome to the panel of judges, which was composed of Mr. Zhang Peixiang, Party Secretary of GCU, Mr. Jin Jun, associate dean of the School of Jewellery, and some NHL teachers. These judges picked out the winning team by comprehensively assessing the simulation outcomes.
At the end of the presentation, Mr. Zhang Peixiang delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude to NHL for all they had done in the exchange activities. He added that, despite the differences in cultural background, the students from both sides demonstrated praiseworthy spirit of teamwork in the whole exchange activities, and they could communicate and understand each other very well. The exchange activities were a great success.
Before leaving for Guangzhou, all the GCU teachers and students joined in the farewell party organized by NHL, which marked the end of the two-week trip to Holland. They promised to meet again in this coming October in Guangzhou.