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Reflections on Dutch Lions & Chinese Dragons Intercultural Program -An interview with Lu Zhen from School of Computer Engineering

In the wake of the Twelfth "Chinese Dragon vs Dutch Lion " Cross-cultural Exchange Activities hosted by NHL, the reporter was privileged to conduct an interview with Ms. Lu Zhen , a teacher-in-charge of the activities from the School of Computer Engineering, who opened her heart in the interviews.

Reflections on Dutch Lions & Chinese Dragons Intercultural Program  -An interview with Lu Zhen from School of Computer Engineering 
A Touching and Long-lasting Cross-national Friendship
“In daily communication with the NHL teachers and students, I strongly feel that NHL places much premium on this cross-cultural exchange activities, holds profound feelings towards GCU, and displays noticeable appreciation for Chinese education. GCU delegation arrived at Amsterdam airport on May 9th at around 1:30 pm local time. During the two hours of going through customs and luggage claiming procedures, the NHL students coming to pick us up kept waiting at the exit patiently. When they saw us walking out, they expressed thoughtful concern to each student about the journey, helped us with the luggage, and took group pictures for us with cordial enthusiasm. All this makes us feel the friendly relationship between NHL and GCU.”
When speaking of the importance NHL attaches to GCU, Ms. Lu Zhen continued volubly. “As this the exchange activities coincide with the NHL International Week, Mr. Marloes, the teacher in charge of the International Week, went out of his way to the place where students of both sides conduct scenario planning to officially invite 4 GCU teachers to take part in the next day’s International Week, coming back and forth several times to discuss and confirm the details of the itinerary. There are over 60 attendees from many countries for this International Week, but we are the only party which received the face-to-face official invitation. I can obviously feel that NHL genuinely cherishes the close friendships with GCU, possibly due to the friendly relationship between China and the Netherlands, or the strength of China, or the charm of GCU. Whatever it is, I am truly proud of it.”
 Reflections on Dutch Lions & Chinese Dragons Intercultural Program  -An interview with Lu Zhen from School of Computer Engineering
Fascinating Diversity of the Sino-Dutch Education
During their stay in NHL, Ms. Lu Zhen delivered a wonderful academic lecture themed in “data analysis” to the students of the computer department, with whom she discussed and exchanged views concerning programming language, data analysis, academic frontiers, application focus, educational perception, and cultivation mode.
“The audience were all freshmen of NHL. Similar to domestic students, some students listened attentively, some actively participated in the interaction, some tried to solve puzzles privately, and still some were distracted. But unlike delivering lectures at home, we discussed casually sitting on the ground, the two-hour interaction being novel and relaxing.”
 Reflections on Dutch Lions & Chinese Dragons Intercultural Program  -An interview with Lu Zhen from School of Computer Engineering
Admirable Cultural Identity
On May 10 and 11, Ms. Lu Zhen and GCU delegation visited Friesland College and a small, quiet cheese processing workshop. Through contact with the owner of the small workshop and Friesland College students, Lu was deeply aware of their strong sense of self-identity and pride for their own civilization, but at the same time, she could feel even more acutely the profound love and pride of GCU teachers and students for China. “While we all appreciate their pursuit of quality and pride in Dutch civilization of the Dutch carpenters and farmers, we are even more proud of those of our great ancestors and myriads of treasured legacy they left over for their descendants in China’s five-thousand-year history. At abroad, every one of us has a strong sense of patriotism, and everyone is proud of being a Chinese!”
Inspirational Motivations for Students’ Growth
Ms. Lu Zhen was deeply touched when mentioning GCU students who have participated in the exchange activities. “On the departure evening for Holland, all the students arrived at school in advance and left on schedule, signalling a good beginning of the trip. The connecting time was rather limited due to late arrival of the airplane. Despite the huge crowd and complex directional signs at Doha airport, we were able to reach the next departure lounge fast and in order. Checking in at hotel was time-consuming but smooth without anyone scrambling for priority. They began to learn to take care of each other and help each other, and I can feel their growth during that time.”
In the exchange activities with Dutch students, GCU students likewise gave a good account of themselves. "From the initial reservedness to the eventual emboldened performance, from language adaption and unfamiliarity of the professional knowledge at the beginning to fluent and proactive communication in the end, every student was groping and making progress on the road for excellence." Miss Lu said laughingly.
 Reflections on Dutch Lions & Chinese Dragons Intercultural Program  -An interview with Lu Zhen from School of Computer Engineering
In two weeks’ time, the students have achieved handsomely. They have learned how to be a team member and take care of each other, gained a deeper understanding of foreign culture and education, and enriched their experience. While staying in a foreign country, they have naturally demonstrated profound love and pride for their motherland. The teachers have similarly benefited considerably. Different student management experience and special experience in foreign academic atmosphere will exert a positive impact on their future teaching, research, and student-related work. Being modest to learn from others has been remarkably characteristic of GCU’s international exchange. GCU delegation has been actively exploring and discovering the essence of Dutch education in the whole exchange activities in an effort to learn from NHL’s advanced academic achievements. No matter it is in activities of management game, International Week, or other academic exchanges, most GCU teachers and students maintain a studious attitude, actively consulting Dutch teachers and students for anything they are not sure of. The two-week Dutch Lion vs Chinese Dragon cross-cultural exchange activities, based on years of reflection and perfection, evolution and innovation, have left an indelible mark on the development blueprint of the two institutions.